AAMI L3 Gown
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AAMI L3 Gown

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AAMI L3 Gown

AMMI 1evel 3 surgical Gown is used for medium fluid exposure, higher risk of injection and sputtering, and higher pressure on the surgical clothing, 

such as shoulder arthroscopy, electro prostatectomy, mastectomy and other similar operations and operations.
This level of operating clothes has higher requirements for water seepage and hydrostatic test
Premium Isolation Gowns are breathable and protect against fluids.

Made from a heavy, yet breathable material that protect under stringent conditions.

The gown is generously sized with long waist ties and hook-and-loop closure for a secure fit.

Gowns feature knit cuffs and strong sealed seams that are designed to withstand tough conditions, offering 360° total protection.

The gown is blue and has a purple color coated neck binding signifying gown meets AAMI level 3.


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